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Muen Vanessa Wei






2017 International Young Artist Piano Competition

Second Prize

International Anton Rubinstein Piano Competition

2017 Finalist

St. Louis Artist Presentation Society Competition

2016 Winner

International Music Competition Paris Grand Prize Virtuoso

2015 First Prize Winner

2015 Seattle International Competition

Best performance of transcriptions for piano & finalist

Sinfonia da Camera Concerto Competition

2015 Winner

2015 Bradshaw & Buono International Piano Competition

Second Prize

University of Illinois Symphony Concerto Competition:

2015 Winner

Montecito International Music Festival Fellowship

2013, 2014, and 2015 recipient

Dr. Joseph and Bess Scharff Leven Prize in Piano

2012 recipient

University Fellowship at University of Illinois

2012 recipient

2011 Concerto Competition at Cleveland Institute of Music

Honorable Mention

Concerto Competition of the 2008 Beijing International Music Festival

Second Prize

The 14th Hong Kong-Asia Piano Competition 

Best performance of a Mozart Composition

The 4th International Frederick Chopin Competition for Young Pianist

First Prize Winner of Beijing Division

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F E A T U R E D   R E V I E W S

“Muen Wei is superb in each “confection,” sweeping aside all difficulties—and there are many for less well- equipped pianists—in performances redolent of the spirit of the age. The famous tunes are always beautifully phrased, shining through the potentially obscurant haze of filigree and devious complications devised by the several authors. It is with great pleasure that I commend her performance to anyone who responds to pianistic legerdemain in the service of a waltz.”

March/April 2020, Fanfare

“……All eight are expertly performed by pianist Muen Wei. Her technique is remarkable, some of the playing   is almost demonic, and everything is superb.”

March/April 2020, American Record Guide

“Wei's playing of the delicate entry of the piano over plucked strings was especially delightful, and later on in the movement she contrasted skillfully the legato andantino melody with the explosive central section. In the race-to-the-finish finale, Wei showed admirable virtuosic skills, and she used those skills adroitly to ride the final scalar challenges to a triumphal conclusion along with Hobson and the Sinfonia. This dramatic ending was greeted with lively applause.”

The News-Gazette


Schuman/Liszt: Widmung - Muen Wei
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